As we have mentioned previously, we are conducting a study on student’s perceptions of archaeological interpretations in the field, and whether students feel/are valued in this process. We have been busy the past couple of weeks putting together a survey. We have distributed this survey to as many institutions which provide archaeology degrees in the UK to capture a larger percentage of students perceptions as possible. This should enable us to make a more accurate analyse of students thoughts on their fieldwork experiences and whether they feel valued in the interpretation process, as well as whether they think they are contributing to the interpretation of a site during excavation.

We will also hold a focus group, where we will be asking questions to get more detailed responses. We also hope that through engaging with students face to face we will get a more real idea of how students feel they contribute and are valued in their fieldwork.

The data collected will be crunched together, and findings will be talked about in a 15 minute presentation at the CIfA conference April 15th in Cardiff.


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